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 International College of Innovation and Industry Liaison
International College of Innovation and Industry Liaison (ICIIL)
e-mail: iciil@nchu.edu.tw
Tel: +886-4-22873274
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Formerly known as the Continuing Education Department, the School of Innovation and Industry Liaison (SIIL) was approved by the Ministry of Education as the School of Innovation and Industry Liaison (SIIL); in 2017 SIIL was changed to be the International College of Innovation and Industry Liaison (ICIIL). The change was made by the University and reported to Ministry of Education in 2017.
International College of Innovation and Industry Innovation (ICIIL) aims to offer courses that (1) target useful knowledge that industries need and that the University can provide, (2) provide continuing education opportunities, and (3) develop professionals with innovative thinking.
ICIIL consists of the following two divisions to achieve the above missions:
The Division of Marketing and Planning, which develops and bids for training projects
The Division of Extension and In Service Training, which maintains curriculum records and offers degrees
Current activities and future development
ICIIL fully complies with government’s new southbound policy, industry policy, business management plans and the need to establish a lifetime learning society. Extension education classes are opened by cooperating with government agencies such as, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Veterans Affairs Council, the Taichung City Government, and the Institute for the Information Industry. The program had been rated excellent by the Workforce Development Agency Central Division in 2010. The faculty is mainly professors from our university. The courses are congruent with the market demand. The classes establish a unique brand among extension education programs in central Taiwan. In 2013 and 2015, the program was awarded the gold medal prize by TTQS for excellent training quality. The program handles training in central Taiwan that satisfies different needs, such as needs of the intelligent automation industry, of senior education, of Mini EMBA program, of short-term programs (winter camp, summer camp, hourly classes). The program strives to become better and better in extension education. In the future, as one of our aims, the program will incorporate culture and creative industry components. The program also conforms to the future aims to the six main industries government’s plan to develop. ICIIL will continue to play a major role in extension education in National Chung Hsing University. We build on our current foundation and keep pushing forward.